Thursday, 11 June 2015

New Tattoo??

I'm thinking of getting another tattoo! This time poppies, as I love poppies! Debating if I should get it done in colour or just black outline. I've yet to pick what poppies I want and where to put it!

 Here's my current tattoo! I got it done on the 25th September 2014! I chose this one because I love nature, so I picked birds! A flock of birds. I picked each bird myself and put them all together.


Evil person exposed! (read description) by UnrehearsedSplendour on DeviantArt

Click above to read! This leads to my DeviantART account as I wasn't able to fit all of the text on Twitter! Plus you can see it in better quality. Be sure to read the description, that's where I've all the links and so on!

***Here is the update! >> 

I had a message on Facebook from another person who's also been having issues with this internet psycho!***