Friday, 12 June 2015

Beyond The Veil

I was at the Beyond The Veil exhibition today! Here's some photographs that I took. This is some of the overview of the exhibition:

Eve: In Her Shoes >
Flowers are emblems of both life and death. Their beauty is also fragile. The contrasts of fresh grass and silk flowers mirror the contrasts of Eve's life. From her unspoilt beauty as she walks in the garden with her God, to the pain of separation from him, Eve's journey is one that takes her from the abundance of life to the pain of death.
Sarah: This Is Faith >
Sarah's faith and reliance on God grew slowly. Like a tree, it silently put down its roots. While there were seasons of decay when despair and darkness attacked Sarah , she became a truly great woman of faith, However, she was not born with faith and she did not earn it. It took years for it to take root and grow in her heart as God revealed his faithfulness to her. Sarah knew the proof of God's promises.
Hagar: The God Who Sees Me >
There is no place that God cannot see, no action he does not discern and no heart he has not searched. We are reminded of his characteristic of God - His all-seeing ways - through the 'eyes' of the peacock feathers.
Leah & Rachel: Longing For Love >
This contrasts between the patriarchal society of biblical woman and that of Northern Irish woman today can seem stark and remote. The image of a modern wedding dress, exhibited alongside a 200 year old traditional Yemenite dress that most likely originated from Bethlehem, reminds us of changing fashion trends and cultural differences. As we share in the hurts and pain of mothers, sisters, daughters and friends, we see glimpses of the Leahs and Rachels of this world.
Miriam: Songs of Praise >
Down the annals of time, women have used different words, different instruments and different voices as they step out to dance and sing songs of the bible praise, in thanks, honour, adoration and love. Praise of God of the bible rings out in languages and in places from woman that Miriam could never have imagined. together, we form a choir of faith, echoing though history.

Here's the rest of the photographs that I took whilst at the exhibition. Not going to write about them all as there's so many of them!

Rahab: Walking Away >
Deborah: Boldness In Battle >

Ruth & Naomi: Companions On A Journey >

Hannah: Prayer And Petition >

 Bathsheba: A Relationship Restored >

Esther: For Such A Time As This >

Gomer: Portrait Of Everlasting Love >

Anna: Longing For The Light >

Samaritan Woman: A Divine Encounter

Poor Widow: Her Offering >