Monday, 20 July 2015

My 4 sunflowers in progress

This year I decided to plant my very 1st sunflower. I was unsure what quantity of sunflower seeds I'd get when I bought this grow your own sunflower kit for £6.00 from Urban Outfitters in Belfast! At the start I had 5 successful baby sunflowers, but a slug got to one of them! I have them growing in my greenhouse. So here's the kit. As you can see it came in a paper bag with a silver foil lining and complete with soil and obviously the seeds!

This's what it was like when I opened the kit: 

On the 12th July 2015 I finally seen the 1st showing of the sunflowers!

They kept growing:

Their leaves got wider:

I then had to transplant them into their own spaces as i felt they were getting a bit too big for that small space. As you can see I added some slug pellets to avoid the repeat of the slugs!

Here is the latest photograph of them, they're still growing strong and no slugs to be seen!

I checked up on them today!⤵
Here is the most recent photo of the sunflowers, this is a close up of the tallest one. If you look real closely you can see the 3rd set of leaves starting to show. Hopefully in a few days time they will showing more. ⤵

I've noticed that the 3rd set of leaves have grown more! You can notice them even more from yesterday (Wednesday 22nd July 2015)⤵

My sunflowers have grown a lot, their leaves have grown bigger! The smaller ones are getting bigger and are starting to get their 3rd set of leaves!⤵
Today I spotted these small holes on one of the leaves on the biggest seedling. I discovered this last night (Tuesday 28th July 2015), I then made up a mixture of soap and water and sprayed a light layer onto all my seedlings to make sure no bugs would attempt eating. When I checked on them after I came home from work the holes hadn't got any bigger! ⤵
I decided to take a screenshot of my progress video, these are my baby sunflowers at two different stages, as you can see they've grown quite a bit!⤵ So here's the video! From seed to flower! ⤵