Sunday, 10 January 2016

It's happened!

I finally caved into joining Snapchat!
I decided to try it out and see what it's like, it'll be really good for promoting my YouTube!! ⤵︎ I also started to drink Tea!! I was put off tea when I 1st tried it in my Primary school days! It tasted like grass mixed with hot milk! It was gross!! On Wednesday 30th December a friend and I went out for Afternoon tea, instead of taking a cold drink I decided to try out the tea! So here's a photo of me with my 1st cup of tea! ⤵︎

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And I was told that some people mix herbal and the regular tea together! I love mint tea so I decided to mix that and the regular tea together and love it! I've also bought some new mugs.... here's one of the mugs, this one is my favourite so far!⤵︎

Oh and another thing is today 10th January is an exact year from when I had my 1st bath bomb! ⤵︎